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If you slept well after watching any of these scenes, you're probably certifiably psychotic... Some of our favourite responses are listed below; if you'd like to tell us what scene put you in a fetal position, fill out the top 10 form!

Mr. Barlow of Salem's Lot waking in his coffin towards the end of the movie scared the piss out of me...truly scary for a five year old kid.
TESIS(Alejandro Amenebar) The scene where she's too scared to watch the tapes and decides to record the sound and play that.
> THE SHINING(Stanley Kubrick) The whole atmosphere but most of all the girls in the hallway. When the boy cycles along and stumbles upon the 'forbidden' room.

JACOB'S LADDER(Adrian Lynnn?) When the metro with all the demons pass by. Shivers down here.

> THE SIXTH SENSE(M. Night Shymalan) When the kid gets locked in the special prison-like room at a party.
THE EVIL DEAD(Sam Riami) When the girl lifts up infront of the window, which is the first demon encounter.
THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (Eduardo & Co.) The last 10 mins. of that movie in the house. Damn.
Also: where the trio are awoken in their tent by the sounds of children laughing and rubbing the tent.
Creepy (shudder)
PHANTASM(Don Coscarelli) The Atmosphere of the movie lingers.
BURNT OFFERINGS - When the smiling ghost chauffeur shows up... had me locking the bedroom door for years
CARRIE - final mother scene
PSYCHO - The shower scene - the original version, of course - nobody can scare me like Alfred Hitchcock can.
THE EXORCIST - the spidercrawl scene
ZOMBIE (Lucio Fulci) - When the woman scuba diving is attacked by a shark... and the shark is attacked by an underwater zombie!


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