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VAMPYRES (1974, UK / Spain)
dir: Jose Larraz


94 mins
starring: Marianne Morris, Anulka, Dziubinska, Murray Brown

18 and over: I.D. Required at door. WARNING: contains graphic depictions of extreme sex and violence that might offend more people than we’d like to think. The ultimate lesbian vampire film. Miriam (Dziubinska) and Fran (Morris) are two beautiful women with a voracious taste for blood that is matched only with that for each other. Every now and then, one of the girls ventures out of their castle to lure an unsuspecting man into a night of sex, after which he invariably wakes up dazed, with bleeding gashes and bite marks on his body ? if he isn’t slaughtered and devoured during the act itself. The vampiric huntresses keep one man, Ted (A ZED AND TWO NAUGHTS’ Murray Brown), alive longer than usual, sensually draining him nightly and leaving him too weak to escape during daylight hours. The ensuing relationship with their sexual captive is one of several fascinating elements in this truly exceptional fairy tale-like horror classic. VAMPYRES treads a fine line between grindhouse exploitation, gothic horror and larger-than-life erotic fantasy. Its explicit scenes of perversion and cruelty got the film banned across Europe; however, this isn’t a work of mindless sleaze. There is a remarkable atmosphere of decadence and dreaminess, balanced with a tongue-in-cheek (and gaping neckwound) sense of ironic humor, and a subversive undertone of sexual politics. Just the same, VAMPYRES became a staple on the 70’s drive in circuit, its infamy built on the film’s sheer outrageousness. It’s been at least 24 years since Montrealers have had the chance to see this carnal crypt of saliva, sweat and blood exhumed on the big screen. Next to no prints have survived since its original 1974 release, making these series of rare 35mm screenings a true cause for celebration. Bring all your bodily fluids, because VAMPYRES will make use of every drop! (MD)

L‚histoire de deux lesbiennes vampires habitant un château qui, de temps à autre en sortent pour séduire des hommes, les abuser sexuellement puis les éliminer de diverses façons. Un conte gothique et sensuel (sexe et violence extrême).


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