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Macabre Films

dir: Jack Arnold


82 mins
starring: John Agar, Lori Nelson, John Bromfield

In eye-popping 3D!

Hold on to your seats, because the joys of 50’s 3D monsters are about to burst through our screen! A strange reptilian monster is captured and brought to a Sea World type park, for tourists to stare at in glassy eyed wonder. Incredible! Fantastic! So you know what happens, right? Correct - the creature escapes, attacks people and trashes a bunch of stuff! When Jack Arnold directed the 3D classic CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, he refused to stoop to making what he saw as a "gimmick movie", and barely played up the process at all, leaving viewers with the prospect of wearing glasses for 80 minutes with little payback for their troubles. When Universal brought him back for a sequel, he went all out and made the craziest gimmick movie he could muster, constantly playing between foreground and background in shots, and angling tons of things out to the corner of the frame. In fact, this is the most object-poking intensive 3D films of the 50s. At one point, they even go after the monster with electric cattle prods (underwater!), just to have another prop to jab your eyes with. Very little attention was paid to acting or screenwriting, so the end result isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s a three-dimensional blast and dammit, that’s what it’s all about! Look for a brief appearance by a young Clint Eastwood as a lab technician who enjoys the company of hamsters. (MD)

Une étrange créature reptilienne est capturée et transportée dans un parc d‚attractions ouvert au grand public, comme vous pouvez le deviner, elle réussit à l'échapper et s'attaquer aux touristes. Ce film 3D des années 50, utilise des cadrages originaux qui font de ce film un classique du genre. Clint Estwood y joue un petit rôle.


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