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dir: John Carpenter

93 mins - color

starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, P.J. Soles, Nancy Loomis

The granddaddy of slasher films is anything but a "body count" job. A small suburban community is shocked when six-year-old Michael Myers puts on a mask and kills his sister on Halloween night, for absolutely no reason. He spends the next fifteen years locked away in an institution, while his abandoned house remains to remind generations of the evil in their backyards. Several nights before Halloween, Myers escapes from his asylum and returns home. Inspired by films like BLACK CHRISTMAS and A BAY OF BLOOD, Carpenter made a serial killer picture that placed atmosphere and tension above any other consideration, with a result that is truly creepy, and absolutely horrifying. The Myers character is treated like a supernatural apparition of doom, seemingly indestructible, appearing from out of darkness and calm. The great Donald Pleasence attained genre immortality with his portrayal of Myers' haunted psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis (affectionately named after the character in PSYCHO), one of horror's greatest heroes since Peter Cushing's Van Helsing. The piano-oriented music score, composed by Carpenter himself, is one of the classics of all time. (MD)

Un déséquilibré s‚étant échappé d'une asile psychiatrique assassine des adolescents. Un classique de l'horreur.


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