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dir: James Whale



75 min
starring: Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Valerie Hobson, Elsa Lanchester

The genius doctor who dared to create life from the dead returns to give his creation a mate, encouraged by another doctor who is so far gone that he makes our hero seem quite sane after all. Possibly the greatest of the
classic Universal Horrors of the 30's, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is close to perfection, with intelligent screenwriting and hugely imaginative visuals, not to mention much bizarre humor. At the time of its release, many were outraged by the film's sharp ribbings of virtually every sacred institution, from religion to marriage, and it was banned or cut in a slew of European countries. Others were shocked by the dark philosophical questions it dared to raise. Today the film stands as a complete celebration of both the medium and the genre, its joyous sense of storytelling holding equal ground with atmospheric terrors and all sorts of physical grotesqueries. It's also the rare sequel that's miles better than its predecessor. (MD)

FRI/VEN Oct 26 - 17h00
SAT/SAM Oct 27 - 17h00
WED/MER Oct 31 - 17h00

Un docteur génial qui ose créer la vie avec la chair de cadavres décide de créer un conjointe à sa créature masculine. Véritable classique des années 30 des studios Universal. Doté d’un scénario intelligent, d’un visuel très créatif et d’un humour plutôt bizarre, le film s’attaque à toutes les institutions de l’époque. Bride of Frankenstein a d’ailleurs choqué les auditoires lors de sa sortie. Film clé du cinéma d’épouvante.



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