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dir: Brian Clemens


91 min
starring: Horst Janson, John Carson, Caroline Munro, Ian Hendry

"Unique blend of horror and swashbuckler genres.artsy, exciting, almost
intoxicatingly atmospheric. one of the best (and least typical) Hammer
productions." - Leonard Maltin

A master swordsman ex-soldier teams up with a hunchback friend to rid Europe of a considerable vampire problem. "There are as many species of vampires as there are beasts of prey". With that motto firmly entrenched in every aspect of its production, CAPTAIN KRONOS virtually re-invents the vampire film with equal doses of intelligence and freak value. Writer / director Brian Clemens, legendary for his stellar scripts for television's THE AVENGERS, pulls out all the stops here, inventing new mythologies (dead toads return to life if a vampire passes over their bodies, the undead are hunted with folklore.), infusing calculated levels of camp and throwing in a number of unusual sword fights to create a thoroughly eccentric journey into the realm of the supernatural. This was one of Hammer Studios' last efforts, made during a period that saw them desperate to try anything new. Clemens gave them more than they'd bargained for.We've secured an ultra-rare 35mm print for these late-October screenings, perfect protein for the season of the dead. Staying home would be blasphemous. (MD)

FRI/VEN Oct 26 - 24h10
SUN/DIM Oct 28 - 22h30

Un maître de l’épée et ancien soldat se joint à son ami bossu afin de s’attaquer au problème considérable de vampires qui sévit en Europe. Guidés par leur devise " il y a autant d’espèces de vampires qu’il y a de bêtes de proies". Réinventant complètement le genre avec un dosage équilibré d’intelligence et d’horreur. Il nous a été possible de mettre la main sur une rare copie 35mm pour nos visionnements d’octobre, un choix parfait pour la saison de l’Halloween.



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